Our unique Core Competencies

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Providing the Tools for Tomorrow – Today – World Wide

In keeping with its company philosophy, YAZAKI always acts in step with today’s world and society’s requirements. Through careful research of market demands and trends, we have developed our business specifically with your needs in mind. Thanks to expert engineering, we offer the latest technologies and development tools, whilst maintaining our emphasis on interaction with our valued customers. We have introduced local development and testing centres, providing up to date solutions exactly where and how they are needed. Strictly following the principle, “think global, act local,” we are pleased to be able to offer an integrated system of worldwide support to substantiate our commitment to you.

Worldwide Engineering Competence


YAZAKI Europe Ltd. (YEL)  
Wiring Harnesses
Terminals & Connectors
Electronic Components
Instruments & Displays


Australian Arrows PTY Ltd. (AAPL)  
Wiring Harnesses
Electronic Components
Instruments & Displays


Phillipine EDS Techno-Services, Inc. (PET)
Wiring Harness Design
Component Development   
Connector Development   
Instrument Development

North America

YAZAKI North America (YNA)
Wiring Harnesses
Terminals & Connectors
Instrument Development
Electronic Components



YAZAKI Corporation / Parts / Meter
Wiring Harnesses, Components,
Terminal & Connectors, Wires,
Electronic, Instrument & Display,
Telematik Modules

Optowave Laboratory
Optical Products


Nihon Techno Labo


Explore our development competencies in the different product divisions:


Electrical Distribution Systems

As the world's largest manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Systems, YAZAKI's European branches also provide Research & Development (R&D) facilities in the UK, Germany and Portugal. This close proximity to our customers makes cooperative projects with car manufacturers and component suppliers possible and allows us to quickly respond to market analysis and trend changes.

Our European Resources are effectively supported by YAZAKI’s global R&D Network. We are dealing with:

  • New vehicle architectures and platforms
  • Network simulation & verification in LIN, CAN and Flexray
  • Component development for distribution boxes, cable ducts /channels and grommets
  • Dynamic Electrical Distribution Sub-System development
  • Use of new materials and compliance of material regulations
  • Development of innovative products for today and tomorrow
  • Technology strategies and Roadmap deployment
  • Test & evaluation and Design Verification
  • Benchmarking

Electronics & Instrumentation

YAZAKI Europe Limited has locally gained ground in Research and Development of the Electronics and Instrumentation business. Our main R&D centres in Europe are located in Cologne (Germany) and Hemel Hempstead (UK). This close proximity to our customers enables cooperative projects with car manufacturers and allows us to respond quickly to the local market demands and trend changes.

YAZAKI can also rely on worldwide resources to create a highly experienced project team, depending on your project demand and requirements. With strong local customer teams and an experienced back office development team, we can provide a cost-efficient R&D organisation without compromising quality.

YAZAKI, as a full service supplier, can provide the engineering services as part of the design and development process for Electronic & Instrumentation products as follows:


CAE – Mechanical

I-DEAS, CATIA, SolidWorks and almost all major available CAD tools in the market.
Illumination simulation

CAE – Hardware

Schematics design
PCB layout
Component electrical simulations
System electrical simulations
FEM analysis (thermal, vibration)
FEM Analysis (thermal)

CAE – Software

Source code static analysis
Source code, static and dynamic analysis
UML modelling
Modelling, analysis
HMI simulation
Configuration management
Requirements management
CAN simulation and analysis


Development designed for your needs

YAZAKI component development activities are not only centred on such passive components as terminals and connectors; larger parts such as junction boxes, relay boxes and fuse blocks are also developed with the emphasis on high-quality results. It is close and efficient R&D support combined with the confidential knowledge exchange within the European EDS- and EI-Engineers that enables us to efficiently optimise the connector and terminal requirements for your wiring harnesses,  electric/electronic modules and instrumentation.

Testing to perfection

YAZAKI testing facilities in Germany and Croatia perform component tests according to all major OEM specifications, using such modern equipment as slip table shakers and temperature-humidity chambers. Main activities for the testing department include:

  • Engineering support testing
  • Functional approval
  • Design verification plan & report

Dimensional testing

  • Plastic parts
  • Full dimensional reports
  • Dimensional reports for Parts submission warrent PSW


The Cologne team


Expert Engineering for new developments
In order to exchange knowledge and develop a view from outside Japan, YAZAKI Corporation engineers join the European Cologne team for a short or long-term stay as expatriates. These engineers are extensively and often specifically experienced in special technologies (e.g. MOST).

Your interaction point for existing products
Next to the Sales force, the Technical Support & Service team (TSS) is the most important interchange for our customers to find the right connector and terminal for their applications. TSS answers all technical questions related to YAZAKI components by providing crimp specifications, drawings, handling manuals and other materials. The team can be reached in the Cologne office.


The Zagreb Team

A top-class development centre

More than 40 skilled mechanical and electrical engineers design new connectors and related components using 3D design tools (IDEAS, CATIA, SolidWorks), 3D dimensioning machines and FEA software (Ansys). The different design groups are specialised in various OEM requirements, and have extensive design experience for creating different and unique requirements.

Main activities of the Zagreb team include:

  • New concept development
  • Concept realisation to market release
  • Finite elements analysis    
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Connector prototype tool design
  • Connector prototype tool production
  • Crimp and sample production
  • Engineering support testing
  • Product validation testing

Zagreb Prototype and Tooling centre main activities include:

  • Tool design
  • Prototype molds
  • Spare parts
  • Production mold testing
  • Supplier technology support
  • Assembly and tooling of devices

The YAZAKI Zagreb development centre also works with the University of Zagreb in regards to CAE tool application.