Our Products

 Electrical Distribution Systems

Wiring harness, junction boxes, fusing or connectors - we deliver complete EDS & EEDS solutions, using state-of-the-art- technologies.


 Electronics & Instrumentation

Clusters, displays or combi-switches - YAZAKI is your partner for Human Machine Interface solutions.



YAZAKI connectors are optimized for weight, size and performance, with benefits that include enhanced reliability, built-in scalability and reduced development cycles at a competitive price.


Individual Solutions for Individual Customers

YAZAKI has secured a unique position within the market - every solution is a completely independent system for the individual customer. Our success is based upon your success. In cooperation with you, systems and products are developed to create solutions or optimize vehicle functionality, reliability and quality.


Vehicle safety features are being constantly improved and vehicles are more comfortable than ever before. Intelligent electrical systems deliver highly developed standards and increase the complexity of the system within the vehicle. Concepts for Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS), Wiring Harness (W/H), Connector & Terminal Systems, Electronics & Instrumentation are continuously being optimized by our development engineers.


We continuously work towards assisting our customers in the development of innovative products. These products assist automotive manufacturers with their research, development and manufacturing processes worldwide.


Our products are precisely designed to meet your requirements.