Free medical check-up and consultations for women were held at YUL

Unfortunately, very often women neglect important medical examinations. Due to preoccupation, lack of time, perhaps financial components. But in order to maintain a healthy physical condition and excellent well-being, it is necessary to undergo systematic preventive examinations by doctors. First of all, an examination by a gynecologist, because women's health is extremely important, because various diseases progress mostly "quietly".

Therefore, out of concern for the health of our female employees, during the last two weeks, specialists of the communal non-profit enterprise "Uzhhorod City Maternity Hospital" of the Uzhhorod City Council within the framework of the "Mobile Brigades of the SRH" project, which is implemented thanks to the UN Population Fund and the assistance of the BF "Institut of family and child development", 139 of our female employees were given free medical examinations and consultations.

If desired, the employee could make an appointment for a consultation with a family doctor, a gynecological examination, a mirror examination with a cytological examination, an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, testing for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, or a blood sugar test.