Mclaren “Celebrates” Yazaki in Portugal

It was a special event in several respects that Yazaki Portugal (YSE) hosted on July 21: performance vehicle creator McLaren honored Yazaki with the prestigious “Supplier Excellence Award” for Delivery & Operations (see Weekly Update from June 30) in an official ceremony on site. Darren Goddard, Executive Director Programmes at McLaren, handed over the prize to our CEO Hans Lemmens.

The partnership between McLaren Automotive and Yazaki has started more than two decades ago. It led to outstanding results. Both brands are now synonymous with excellence.

As a sign of our recognition, Hans Lemmens presented the McLaren representatives a unique flag: It was hand-signed by the members of the dedicated McLaren team at YSE. They too work continuously on providing the best quality products, even during very difficult phases of the pandemic. And they were all the more moved and honored to receive personal thanks from the McLaren Automotive executive and our CEO.