Yazaki Europe Offers Substantial Support for Uzhhorod Plant and Colleagues in Ukraine

Since February 24, we are watching the situation in Ukraine closely, where Yazaki Europe colleagues work and live and where many of us have friends and family members. There are hardly words to describe the situation, but we at Yazaki stand together and help, true to our claim “one for all, all for one”.  Yazaki Europe purchased and provided substantial rescue kits” for the employees in YUL. The latter comprise 1,200 emergency packages − containing for example thermal insulation blankets, lighters and first aid kits − as well as 1,200 long term boxes with food and drinks.  In addition special kits for children of our employees in Ukraine were prepared. All kits have arrived at Uzhhorod in the meantime.

Incredible commitment from our Ukrainian colleagues

A very important message: our Ukrainian plant in Uzhhorod (YUL) is operating. It is our commitment to maintain this state. We are proud of the Ukrainian team, their loyalty and engagement. Due to their commitment, we were able to avoid any impact on our customers. In the same spirit, we all should now continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues.

Aid outside the country

A lot of effective assistance is also being organized for Ukrainians who have fled to neighboring countries. Yazaki Romania for instance set up a dedicated job campaign. It is tailored to the demands of Ukrainian refugees, offering them employment in the ECI organization. The program helps with logistics too: It supplies the new colleagues with working permits, supports them and their families in finding an accommodation and, if required, places for their kids in local schools.