Continuous improvement and product innovation is our policy

Yazaki traditionally stands for high quality products and services, innovative tools and processes, consistency and customer satisfaction.

Our quality system has proven its worth over many years, as evidenced by the numerous supplier awards received over the last few years.

Work in a safe environment, with quality focus and always with high motivation, to enhance Customer trust.

We maintain a number of quality excellence guiding principles to continually improve our products and services.

Customer focus is the foundation for our commitment to producing high quality products and providing excellent service. Our quality system is designed to meet our customers’ demands and those of the quality management system standards.

Quality is everyone’s job at Yazaki. Each individual inter-divisionally contributes to our comprehensive quality system, which includes excellence in products, safety and value, our services and our human relations.

We believe that quality excellence can best be achieved by prevention of problems rather than by detecting and correcting them retroactively.