Automotive Suppliers‘ & Manufacturers‘ Day: Yazaki Participates in Panel Discussion on IT Trends

On May 10, the 10th Automotive Suppliers‘ & Manufacturers‘ Day organized by
T-Systems, a German service provider for information technologies and digital transformation, took place in Stuttgart. Under the headline “On the Road Towards Data Economy“, the event focused on how digitalization is changing the automotive industry.

One of the main points was the question how automotive stakeholders will exchange data in the future. A new partner network called Catena-X was introduced: the goal is to create a new collaboration platform for the automotive industry where car manufacturers, suppliers of different tiers, and IT technology companies can exchange all kinds of data on an open source platform in a closed data economy.

Of course, Yazaki was present to provide the company‘s point of view on this topic. Together with representatives of two other important automotive suppliers, Michael Groß, Director IT – Head of ERP Applications YNCA & YEL, participated in a panel discussion on “Next Level of Innovation: Top IT Trends for Data-Driven Companies”. He talked about where Yazaki Europe is standing right now, how we handled various crisis situations like Covid-19, semiconductor shortages, etc. based on our IT and data setup, and where he expects this development to go.