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Sustainability is understood as a crucial part of Yazaki´s values as a good corporate citizen. Yazaki is committed to sustainable growth in manufacturing and supplying products that are not only the “best in class”, but also assure a sustainable future for all partners and stakeholders that Yazaki interacts with.


Our industry is moving forward fast, we are on the path to a zero-carbon economy. Therefore, we have developed a holistic transformation strategy based on the three pillars of Business Excellence, Product Diversification and Human Development. We have set a Sustainability Organization for the EMEA region and gave ourselves a challenging vision: Carbon neutrality by 2039. We also recognize our responsibility to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a whole.

Y-EMEA at a glance: FY2021 Highlights

1 The revenue figure refers only to YEL Legal Group and covers the period from April 2021 to March 2022. Information about entities under the scope of this indicator is available in the annex Methodological Notes.

2 Figure includes employees with permanent and temporary contracts as well as subcontractors at the end of P81 (FY2021).

3 P77 refers to FY2017

Our Strategy - we have a plan

Yazaki aims to be:

a role model in terms of decarbonization, contributing to a better future while mitigating Climate Change.

assure sustainable growth with clear ethical and environmental standards defined within our entire supply chain.

To make this happen, a Sustainability organization was set up in 2022 and a Sustainability department has been created to support the Y-EMEA organization in successfully implementing a holistic Sustainability approach with clear, attainable and communicable targets.

The Sustainable Development Goals

By integrating sustainability into our operations, we recognize the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a shared purpose. Our activities contribute to all SDGs, some in a more significant way than others.

Given the specificities and challenges of the automotive sector, we at Y-EMEA prioritize and focus the following 13 UN goals. 

3 Spheres

In the following sections we address initiatives that contribute to each area.

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People Sphere

Our people: decent work, training and development.

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Business Sphere

Responsible production. Innovation and infrastructure.

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Environmental Sphere

Environmental soundness. Sustainable communities.

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