Logistics Conference Fosters Synergies Across Yazaki

t was the very first Logistics conference involving the respective management of YNCA, YC and Y-EMEA: From September 19 to 21, the participants came together at the Yazaki Kotozukuri HUB in Istanbul, Türkiye (YKHT). Keynote speakers were Manabu Michihisa, General Manager of Supply Chain Management at YC, Kenichi Fujisawa, President & CEO of YNCA, and Umut Ozcan, Head of Logistics, Y-EMEA. They addressed central topics including logistics trendschallenges, and potential synergies that could be implemented across all Yazaki regions.

Throughout the conference, each of the three regions presented their supply chain footprints and shared best practices in Logistics management. In particular, the teams agreed to prioritize the enhancement of container utilizationbox fill rates, and the cross-regional implementation of RFID tags to facilitate immediate progress.


Furthermore, the YKHT team showcased their HUB’s process flows and demonstrated the functionality of technologies: of RFID, tunnel, and smart conveyor systems, industrial robots and more. These presentations left a lasting impression on the attendees − by highlighting the potential for innovation and efficiency in logistics operations.