Supplier Nursan Welcomes Y-EMEA Support in Ford Project

For the V710 production for customer Ford in Türkiye, Y-EMEA cooperates with Nursan, a developer and supplier of wire harnesses headquartered in Istanbul. During the first, biggest and critical phases of the project, Yazaki substantially supported the Nursan plant in the city of Kütahya. The colleagues even helped in working on the supplier’s production lines to further improve the output.

In total, more than 300 people from Yazaki in Türkiye, Morocco and Tunisiaassisted Nursan in the production location for Ford. The
Y-EMEA team is convinced that the supplier’s site now especially benefits in terms of SPQCD and Human Development. They supported with the Yazaki Sprit (Fortitude, Service Mind, Foresight) and the “One for All, All for One” mindset.

At a Gemba visit, both the Y-EMEA Ford BU team and executives from Nursan expressed big thanks to Y-EMEA managers Andreas Di Vece, COO, Issam El Khiyati, Head of Y-EMEA Manufacturing Operations and Kerem Yenal, Head of Manufacturing Cluster (MC) 2.