Yazaki Donates 180,000 Euro To Earthquake Relief in Morocco

devastating earthquake – with the epicenter in the Atlas Mountains south-west of Marrakesh – hit the people of central Morocco on 
September 8 at night. It killed and wounded thousands. In several cities and villages, houses and infrastructure are largely destroyed.

Y-EMEA colleagues in Morocco are not affected directly: the cities Kenitra, Meknes and Tangier are located in the distant northwest. So, fortunately, no team member at the sites was injured. All buildings and machinery are fully intact, operations continue.

In view of the disaster, Yazaki  teams immediately followed the principle “One for All, All for One ” to organize substantial financial aid: around 180,000 Euro in total.  It first consists of the Moroccan employees’ donation: They contributed two hours of wage, corresponding to around 90,000 Euro. Yazaki as a company added the same amount, doubling the donation. The money will support 500 families with basic food, water, sanitary items, blankets and basic medicines for one week. Volunteer colleagues also collect food and clothes; and they ensure the distribution to the relief organizations in the earthquake area. Some drove to the regions to help. 2,000 families already benefitted.