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Yazaki. Inspiring vision built on strong tradition

A company in step with the world

As a truly global company deeply rooted in Japanese cultural traditions and values, Yazaki is a reliable partner for its customers as well as a promoter of environmental sustainability throughout the world.

About us

As an owner-operated company, we are especially proud to be the world’s largest producer of wiring harnesses. Customer satisfaction is thereby our primary focus and the foundation for good business

results. We at Yazaki put customers first and are committed to deliver superior value and services to all our customers – worldwide. We are certain that we all benefit from open dialogue and the honest exchange of ideas.

The customer-centric attitude supports our corporate goal. Research, development and customer service centers are located in close proximity to our customers, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to all their requirements as global local partner.

Yazaki brings innovation to life

Ideas and best practices are globally shared among our teams in over 45 countries, ensuring continued technological development and making us a leading technology supplier. We are a research and development pacesetter and fully devoted to

pushing forward innovative, cutting-edge technical solutions for all automotive manufacturers in the global market. While realising our customers’ projects, we provide exceptional quality and dependability by meeting and exceeding all quality, cost, delivery and environmental expectations.

Environmental responsibility for a better tomorrow is our concern of today. We balance the needs of our customers with the needs of the environment, including the protection of natural resources and optimisation of the compatibility in production and technical processes.

Key facts of Yazaki

Yazaki employs over 243,000 people worldwide in 45 countries and 142 locations. We care for our employees by promoting a corporate culture that complies with their needs and expectations.




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Old traditions valid today

Yazaki Europe executive management follows leadership traditions established by the Yazaki family and adeptly balances these traditions while respecting regional cultures and simultaneously realising its high integrated standards.


Yazaki takes responsibility towards the employees, the environment and society very seriously – locally and globally. We take into account the consequences of every action, and we stand for environmentally, socially and economically responsible behaviour in our company. 

Sustainability at Yazaki

Five principles

Yazaki is committed to five principles which make a substantial contribution to the success of our global business:

  • Increase company efficiency and provide value through continuous effort and implementation of new concepts.
  • Uphold legal regulations, respect regional cultures and contribute to economic and social development.
  • Contribute to a prosperous future society through environment and security focussed business.
  • Conduct business openly and fairly, with the goal of co-existence and prosperity.
  • Care for employees by creating a corporate culture that prioritises individuality and teamwork while empowering people's dreams.

Our Values

As a global organisation, Yazaki is involved in many economic and socio-political areas. We place our trust in a value system which combines the traditional with the contemporary but also unites the past with the future. Values are viewed as an interacting and networked system rather than in terms of individual promises to colleagues, customers, partners and stakeholders.

All of Yazaki's actions are based upon:

  • Treating the environment with care
  • Respecting our colleagues, partners and customers in dialogue and interaction
  • Delivering corporate success and job security through profitable growth
  • Commitment to innovation, quality and safety.

We are fully committed to this set of values and will continue to add new values as appropriate, which will translate into long-term stability and mutual prosperity for the positive progress of society. The principles and the underlying values are lived by our employees and form the basis of our company culture.

Our Culture

Yazaki's culture is a blend of different experiences from a wide range of sources, although its roots are firmly planted in Japan. As a global player in the competitive automotive market, we work together within a culture based on corporate responsibility at all levels.

We have made it our corporate objective to achieve business success along with the protection of the environment and socio-economic responsibility. Our thinking is guided by our understanding of our cultural differences, open communications and mutual respect.

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