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Yazaki. Inspiring vision built on strong tradition

A company in step with the world

As a truly global company deeply rooted in Japanese cultural traditions and values, Yazaki is a reliable partner for its customers as well as a promoter of environmental sustainability throughout the world.

Our Leadership Team:

As a family-owned company, we at Yazaki put our employees first. Over the years, this has promoted a culture of trust and teamwork and defines us as a unique global company. This is the basis for our motto ‘One for All, All for One’. Working and co-operating in this manner allows us to deliver the best EEDDS products to our customers.

Hans Lemmens, President & CEO Yazaki Europe

Year of birth: 1967

Nationality: Belgian

Experience: Various positions in Sales, Finance, Program Management, Plant Management in Germany, Belgium, UK, Russia

With Yazaki Europe: started his career 28 years ago in Belgium office, in Costing & Pricing department.

Appointed as President & CEO in April 2021


We at Yazaki Europe base our work on the Japanese production principle of Monozukuri through Hitozukuri and Kotozukuri which means the "the art of making things". We are passionate about developing our employees, with the emphasis on long-term learning so they are empowered to ‘make things happen’. This inspires perfect processes, technology, skills, craftsmanship, dedication and continuous improvement through Gemba.

Andreas Di Vece, COO Yazaki Europe

Year of birth: 1975

Nationality: Italian

Experience: Various positions in Production, Plant Management, Program Management, 3PL Business, and as General Manager in Germany, Hungary, and USA 

With Yazaki Europe: since January 2019

Appointed as COO in April 2021

Yazaki worldwide

Think global – act local.
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Our Mission & Vision

It is our vision to be the supplier of choice for our customers and a recognized responsible community partner. In order to be our customers' preferred supplier, we are driven by a mission to delight our customers with quality, service, technology and delivery; create a consistent culture of operational excellence; be an employer of choice and support the communities where we work and live. Together, our vision and mission fuel our work with purpose and passion and are the promise behind Yazaki's products to bring millions of vehicles to life every day. This same promise makes vehicles equipped with Yazaki technologies more capable with systems and components that perform as intended - every time.

Our Values

As a global organization, Yazaki is involved in many economic and socio-political areas. We place our trust in a value system which combines the traditional with the contemporary but also unites the past with the future. Values are viewed as an interacting and networked system rather than in terms of individual promises to colleagues, customers, partners and stakeholders.

We operate to protect and preserve our environment by being socially responsible for the impact that our products, processes and people create. We continually strive to minimize the impact on our environment, improve our communities and endeavour to provide a workplace that is safe and secure.

We build QUALITY Products
We hold each other to the highest quality standards in everything we do. We are committed to design quality into our products and processes, select quality components and deliver quality products to our customers. We constantly strive for continuous improvement and product innovation.

We value our PEOPLE
We are committed to building a culture of openness, trust, knowledge and teamwork. We treat one another with respect and celebrate diversity as our strength a competitive advantage that expands our knowledge and ideas and contributes to our prosperity. Our constant commitment to educate, develop and grow our people is the basis of our continued success.