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As a truly global company deeply rooted in Japanese cultural traditions and values, Yazaki is a reliable partner for its customers as well as a promoter of environmental sustainability throughout the world.





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As an owner-operated company, we are especially proud to be the world’s largest producer of wiring harnesses. Customer satisfaction is thereby our primary focus and the foundation for good business results.

We at Yazaki put customers first and are committed to deliver superior value and services to all our customers – worldwide. We are certain that we all benefit from open dialogue and the honest exchange of ideas.

The customer-centric attitude supports our corporate goal. Research, development and customer service centers are located in close proximity to our customers, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to all their requirements as global local partner.


Yazaki Ukraine LLC is a part of the international corporation YAZAKI, which manufactures automotive products. Yazaki Ukraine was established on October 23, 2002. Today, Japan's industrial investment in Ukraine's economy remains one of the largest in the country's history. The plant is locate near the Uzhgorod, close to the border and thanks to its favorable geographical location, the enterprise has become the embodiment of European stability and Japanese precision. Currently, the customers of the company are such leaders in the automotive industry as JLR and BMW.








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Country map

Location Ukraine

There is only one plant in Ukraine near Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region. Production area of the plant: 25 thousand square meters (total - 51 thousand square meters)

Yazaki Ukraine

Semana Ferenca street, 7

Minay village,

Transcarpathian region, 89424



Phone: +38 050 404 2008

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Yazaki Ukraine is one of the biggest employers in the country. The company offers excellent work conditions, opportunities for professional development and career growth, attractive remuneration and flexible bonus system. Some of the social benefits for employees аre: canteen food, free transportation to the work place, medical service etc.



We are Yazaki

Yazaki's culture is a blend of various experiences and backgrounds with its roots firmly planted in Japan. We work together based on a culture of corporate responsibility at all levels. Without our employees, who identify with Yazaki and always give their best, our success would not be possible.

Events and News

Now it's time to sum up the results of our competition "What did we learn in 2020?". All the works of the participants were original and extremely interesting, it was not easy to choose the winners, because everyone deserves to be them. Therefore, we decided to award gift certificates not only to the winners, but also other participants.

After a long break due to quarantine restrictions, the YaDrive tourist club has resumed its work. For almost 2 years, the most active participants did not give rest to the organizers of the club, because they could not wait for the next campaign. On October 2, vaccinated employees of the company finally went on a hike with their favorite club to Kamyanka Mountain, near Mizhhirya. Mount Kamyanka, which is 1,578 m high, belongs to the Gorgany massif. The trail to the mountain was so picturesque that it became one of the most beautiful of all 26 hikes.

On September 14, a delegation of Ukrainian people's deputies and an advisor to the Committee on Economic Development of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) were guests at Yazaki Ukraine’s (YUL) Uzghorod plant. Since they visited the site for the first time, an important topic was Yazaki’s almost 18 years of experience in Ukraine.

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Yazaki employs over 243,000 people worldwide in 45 countries and 142 companies. We care for our employees by promoting a corporate culture that complies with their needs and expectations.








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