Manufacturing Is Reimagined With Cloud Computing And AI

How can a cloud computing provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) help to improve industrial processes? Past December, Engineering and IT teams from Yazaki Türkiye joined the AWS ‘’Reimagine Manufacturing” event in   Istanbul to find additional answers. It provided hands-on experience with platforms, products, and services.

The colleagues saw digital factor applications in real-world conditions and took the opportunity for “innovation talks” with representatives from other companies.

In more detail, the event showed ways to create business value at scale with generative Al in manufacturing. At a digital factory tour, the participants saw different production innovations. Inspiring success stories of companies located in Türkiye were also on the schedule.

Although the Yazaki team considers this event as a small step for generative Al in manufacturing, it is convinced that this technology will shape future plans of sustainability and manufacturing big time.