New organizational Set-up for Y-EMEA with two distinct Business Divisions

As part of Yazaki's strategic development in the EMEA region, the company took important steps towards organizational transformation on 1 April 2024. Firstly, all legal entities of Yazaki EMEA were brought together under a new holding company - Y-EMEA N.V., which is based in Oudsbergen, Belgium. This measure is aimed solely to simplify and optimize the previous complex legal structure of the company, and generally to increase efficiency with no impact on existing business relationships.

In addition, it was decided to divide the current Y-EMEA-business organization into two new divisions: The EDS Division, responsible for the traditional Yazaki wiring harness business, will be led by Divisional President Andreas Di Vece (until now Y-EMEA COO). The ECS Division responsible for Electronics and Connection Systems will be headed by Divisional President Jeroen Deen (until now Y-EMEA CCO). Otherwise, the management of Y-EMEA remains unchanged: Munenori Yamada is Chairman, Hans Lemmens is CEO and Ergun Tan is CFO.