Sustainability at YAzaki:Our Goals for the Upcoming Years

This week's issue of our Sustainability series is about the fields of action in which we are working. All our efforts are based on the 17Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN), which are intended to ensure sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level.

As a business enterprise, we at Yazaki focus on the following seven sustainability goals:

1.Environmental soundness: climate action, clean water and energy

2.Responsible production

3.No poverty and reduced inequalities

4.Gender equality

5.Good health and well-being

6.Innovation and infrastructure

7.Sustainable cities and communities and partnerships

Goal 1 is a particular priority: The world is facing considerable challenges due to climate change, governments around the world are imposing ever stricter rules, and in our personal lives we are witnessing more and more extreme weather events and natural disasters. Our customers are responding with strict CO2 reduction targets.

Decarbonization, or the reduction of CO2 emissions, is thus a particularly urgent goal for all of us and crucial to Yazaki's future success. Therefore, we have a clear roadmap for the next decade and a half: The first major step is to purchase green electricity at all our sites by 2025, where available in the region/country. Step by step, we are also including emissions over which we have only an indirect influence, such as those from our suppliers. Our goal: to make the entire Yazaki supply chain CO2-neutral by 2039.