TOFAS-Stellantis Honors Bursa Plant for “Best Kaizen”

“Agile Problem Solving Strategy – Best Supplier Kaizen Selections” − that was the motto of a competiton by Tofaş, a large Turkish Fiat models manufacturer belonging to Stellantis. In the TIE (Total Industrial Engineering) Kaizen category, the colleagues from Bursa (YWT-T) came out first. They won the award for applying this methodology at BSUV assembly lines − in a very creative and beneficial way, while also focusing on standardization and Yokoten.

TIE Kaizen starts with a dedicated team: In this case, it consisted of Burcu Tunalıgil , NYS Department and team leader, Fatma Kurtuluş, IE Specialist, Fırat Uyanık, Production Specialist, as well as IE Method Operators Ebru Güryayla and Cenk Talu. The team then performs an advanced improvement activity to detect and eliminate Muri-Mura-Muda. Finally, it gets rid of hard work, unnatural postures, unsteady and unorganized operations as well as non-value adding activities.