Yazaki EMEA acquires JuHa Group

After closing and the signing of the corresponding contracts on July 2, 2024, Yazaki Europe Middle East Africa N.V. (Yazaki EMEA) acquired the Lüdenscheid-based Junker & Halverscheid Group, JuHa for short. With the finalization of the acquisition, the integration into the Yazaki Business Division ECS (Electronics and Connections Systems) has now begun.

The JuHa Group's product portfolio and know-how ideally complement Yazaki EMEA's offerings, particularly in the field of electronics and connectors (ECS Business Division). The takeover is also intended to secure the future of JuHa and the employment in the group.

The family-owned company JuHa, a leading manufacturer of tools and molds for plastics processing as well as a producer of plastic parts for the automotive industry, is one of the important companies in Lüdenscheid with around 200 employees. JuHa has been a trusted supplier to Yazaki EMEA for decades.

Jeroen Deen, Divisional President ECS: "The successful acquisition of the JuHa Group plays a key role in achieving the growth targets of our ECS Division, particularly in the field of connection technology. The acquisition will contribute to achieving the Yazaki EMEA strategy's goals in vertical integration and further product diversification. We welcome the 200 new colleagues from Lüdenscheid to Yazaki EMEA and are confident that the post-merger integration will be smooth and successful."