Yazaki WINS Double At The "Pace Award"!

This year's PACE Awards featured 30 strong finalists and 12 winners, but only one company that celebrated a double victory: Yazaki! “Automotive News” presented the coveted prizes on September 19 in Detroit, USA. The award-winning Yazaki innovations were the Narrow-focus lens technology for high-bandwidth data optical transmission” and the “Flexible wire with improved routing in the vehicle”. 

The optical network system, containing the lens technology, is a joint development: led by Yazaki Europe and supported by Yazaki Japan CDC and IVS. It enables high-bandwidth networks with no unwanted electromagnetic interference, making optical networks more competitive with electrical ones. Yazaki already supplies the Mercedes-Benz “EQ” electric vehicle platform with it. “The award confirms us in continuously developing and extending our Data Connectivity portfolio for future automotive needs,” says Richard Orosz, Engineering Manager at Yazaki Europe Connection Systems.

Toyota is the initial customer for the flexible Yazaki wire. It uses less material, is lighter and saves space. Above all, it is 60 percent more flexible than existing ones. This addresses the trend to higher voltages and currents in EVs, as needed for fast charging.