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Family tradition - leadership with consistency

Yazaki’s timeline of success dates back to 1929 when Sadami Yazaki began selling electric wires for automobiles. After important changes in governmental regulations in 1935, Japanese companies were allowed to start domestic automotive production – with positive effects for Yazaki: In 1939 the company extended its business and in 1941 Yazaki Electric Wire Industrial Co. Ltd. was established with about 70 employees. At this time, automotive engineering was a promising branch of industry and so in 1949 when Sadami Yazaki made an important strategic decision: to focus on the production of automotive wiring harnesses. This was a groundbreaking decision which resulted in today’s global leadership.

YAZAKI worldwide

Group business scope

Yazaki offers a diverse range of products in the global Automotive and Energy System sectors. We recently began to expand into a third sector, mainly in the areas of nursing care and environment-related businesses.

Our worldwide integrated business system of Yazaki incorporates research and development, production, sales and local management.

Privately owned

Since its foundation, Yazaki has been owned and governed by the Yazaki family. Currently the family is the primary shareholder and the company is governed by the second generation of the family with the third playing important roles in the company’s growing global business.

Chairperson:  Mr. Yasuhiko Yazaki

President:  Mr. Shinji Yazaki

R&D at Yazaki

Technological developments provide the basis for a successful future. With global information exchange Yazaki can use the combined resources of development teams located around the world. Using this approach, the best ideas and best practices from each region can be applied to other regions. This process has made Yazaki a leading technology supplier on the world market.


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A story of success

Yazaki Europe Ltd. (YEL) is a key part of the Yazaki Group, focusing on the automotive business. Following the worldwide integrated business system of Yazaki, we think global and act local to the demands and requirements of our customers, by providing the best quality and service.

Our European operations started in 1980 with a sales office in UK, followed by the first R&D center in Cologne, Germany in 1989. In Europe we currently have 18 standardized manufacturing plants, 5 R&D centers and customer tailored service centers.



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