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Yazaki. Trusted collaboration

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Yazaki is committed to its relationships. Collaboration with our suppliers is as important as our commitment to customers. For this reason, we recognise suppliers as a vital element of our business. We believe that through partnership,



Purchasing Documents

1. Supplier: General Terms of Purchase (Automotive) of Yazaki Europe Group

2. Supplier: General Terms of Purchase (Non-Automotive) of Yazaki Europe Group

3. Supplier: Supplier Quality Manual

4. Supplier: Supplier Logistics Manual

5. Supplier: Supplier Code of Conduct

6. Supplier: Yazaki Invoice Requirements

we can create sustainable values and achieve mutual benefits. As a company committed to the well-being of society, we expect our suppliers to conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, 

aligned with Yazaki values and respecting our code of conduct. The Yazaki Europe Supply Management team therefore creates and constantly develops supplier relationships in line with our corporate mission.

Supplier collaboration

Quick Access to the Yazaki Global Purchasing Applications.


Commercial contact


YAZAKI Europe Limited | Branch Cologne
Richard-Byrd-Str. 4-6a
50829 Cologne Germany 

+49 221 597 99 - 0
+49 221 59 31 - 51

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Items that we purchase

Yazaki Europe Ltd. looks continuously for high-performance partners, with whom we could improve the quality of our products, addressing the needs of the automotive industry.

Please find below an overview of the items, that we purchase and contact us for future cooperation.

Instrumentation, electronics & componentsdisplays, electromechanical components and assemblies, electronics, optical components, sensors, appearance parts
Wiring harness componentswires, terminals, connectors, boxes, fixations (screws or brackets), tape/tubes, grommets, channels
Indirect material & serviceslogistics, transportation, IT hardware & software, consulting
Capital equipmentproduction machinery & equipment, tools such as production machinery & equipment, tools

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