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Responsible production requires manufacturing goods in an ethical and sustainable way that ensures compliance with product quality and safety requirements and that also minimizes waste and non-renewable resources consumption. The development of more sustainable processes is essential. Moreover, businesses act as consumers as well, and must establish ethical and sustainability criteria when selecting suppliers and materials


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In the following sections we address initiatives that contribute to each area.

Key facts

% waste decrease (compared to 2017)
% reduction of customer claims (compared to 2017)
% quality improvement (compared to 2017)

Responsible production

Supplier management

The sourcing process in EMEA, supported by the Global Supply Chain Management of the Yazaki Corporation, is used to identify partners with the right capability to support our company on new programs. Product Quality Planning practices are deployed with suppliers to support the engineering of products, techniques and processes including a Supplier Risk Management approach are used to assess their financial stability and ability to provide continuous supply. This has been put to the test as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in the context of recent geostrategic risks.

New Yazaki System (NYS)

The NYS is a philosophy and process of Yazaki's wide reform to meet the increasing demands of car makers for Q (Quality), C (Cost) and E (Environment). The New Yazaki System cannot be defined as a task or activity. It's a mindset, the Yazaki way to work and to behave. The purpose is to contribute to our company's continuous improvement and ensuring the company's long-term viability.


Quality for us is ensuring that:

  • Customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met.
  • Risks and opportunities that can affect product or service conformity and customer satisfaction are determined and addressed.
  • Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained via a good project management system, robust design, good material, capable processes and available competences.

Waste management

During the business year 2021, Y-EMEA manufacturing sites and offices produced approximately a total of 15,814 tons of waste, of which 97% was non-hazardous. In absolute terms, this represents a 20% decreasing compared to 2017.

Innovation & Infrastructure

Y-EMEA recognizes the importance of innovation as a key driver of business growth and investing in resilient infrastructure at operations and/or revamp existing infrastructure to make it more sustainable. We continuously work on improving our products and on upgrades to our infrastructure with increased resource-use efficiency and an ever-greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes. Our plants in Turkey (YOT-G and YOT-K) have already green electricity certificates in place since beginning of 2022 and our plant in Portugal (YSE) since July 2022.

Innovation & Design for Environment

Environmental performance in the automotive industry is becoming ever more important. In order to ensure that these goals are met, it is necessary to consider environmental performance at an early stage of the design process. New vehicle programs have several important targets for environmental product design:

  • Improving reusability, recyclability, and recoverability to minimize impact on the end-of-life process
  • Reducing substances of concern to eliminate risk to human health and the environment
  • Increasing fuel efficiency to provide vehicles with lower emission levels.

Sustainable infrastructures

Sustainable infrastructures mean resilient buildings with renewable and recyclable resources and materials. During the reporting year we have planned and developed real estate projects with environmental and energy efficiency benefits at several locations. These include LED lighting and charging points for electric cars; investigation studies for solar panels installation; space optimization; high insulation panels with rock wool for new buildings and roof design to withstand solar panels weight in future investments.

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Our people: decent work, training and development.

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Environmental soundness. Sustainable communities.

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