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Environmental Sphere

Y-EMEA takes on key commitments in its Environmental, Health and Safety policy, through compliance with environmental law and other applicable requirements, as well as a proactive attitude to prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance adopting cost-effective practices that eliminate, minimize or mitigate environmental impacts. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee, contractor and visitor.   


3 Spheres

In the following sections we address initiatives that contribute to each area.

Key facts

% reduction in water consumption (compared to 2017)
% reduction of electricity consumption (compared to 2017)
% reduction of Scope 1&2 CO2e emissions (compared to 2017)

Environmental soundness

All manufacturing sites maintained their Environmental Management System (EMS) certified under ISO14001. Several environmental performance indicators are monitored per manufacturing site on a monthly basis and per office on a yearly basis in order to follow up Y-EMEA's eco-efficiency and, based on the performance results, develop action plans to improve it. In P81 (FY2021) some indicators remain constrained not allowing a significant comparative analysis given the impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Water consumption

During business year 2021 Y-EMEA consumed 363,991 m3 in total – 82% municipal water and 18% private water (water wells). This represented a 17% reduction in water consumption compared to FY2017. Although the index increased due to the 19% decrease in working hours. Nevertheless, Y-EMEA continued to implement measures to rationalize the water consumption, including employee awareness, installation of foot activation mechanisms, presence sensing faucets and pressure shut-off valves as well as regular maintenance to eliminate leaks.

Energy consumption

Our total annual energy consumption comprising manufacturing sites and offices was 437,213 GJ in business year 2021 (a 17% reduction comparing to FY2017). Electricity power is the main energy type we consume in our operations, representing 75% of our energy footprint. During the business year we consumed 90,669 MWh of electricity, representing a 18% reduction against FY2017.

GHS emissions

Y-EMEA has been monitoring the company's GHG emissions for several years across the different locations, subdivided into 2 scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions associated to fuel combustion in buildings and by our company's vehicle fleet
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions of electricity and district/municipal heating from external sources

During business year 2021 Y-EMEA emitted 40,995 tCO2e, reducing its scopes 1 and 2 by 4% against FY2017. While we have reduced our tCO2e scope 1 emissions by 23% during this period, our scope 2 emissions haven't decreased despite the reduction in electricity consumption.

GHG emissions FY2021 (tCO2e; %)

Employees´ awareness

During the period of reporting, in the regions where Y-EMEA operates, several awareness initiatives were carried out dedicated to promoting environmental responsible behaviors and best practices among employees.

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Portugal contributing to sustainable communities

Our plant in Portugal (YSE) developed a close relation with the community including promotion of events as trees planting and woods or beach cleaning. Our colleagues have participated also in job fairs and internship programs for students. During the year several social, humanitarian and environmental activities were developed such as: family day; blood donation campaign; free flu vaccination; planting trees; donations to social local entities resulting from waste recovery, etc.

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Tree and flowers planting event in Romania

In order to increase green space in town, Yazaki Romania rolled out two environment initiatives in the factories in Ploiesti and Braila. The employees of Yazaki Ploiesti planted hyacinths, Yazaki Braila teamed up with the local authorities and planted 150 trees of the Fraxinus Ornus Mecsek species all over the city. These projects represent a simple way to build an infrastructure to support people's health, to improve well-being and air quality for the whole community.

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Morocco switches to green for a week

The location celebrated its “Green Earth Week” from December 19 to 23, 2022. Each of the days was dedicated to specific sustainability topics. The initiative started with employees receiving “green flash messages” like how to save energy best and easily. With planting trees and the cleaning of green areas, practical implementation was the order of day three. The final of the “Green Earth Week” on December 23, it was all about the employees’ kids: They created objects related to environmental protection and energy saving out of waste materials.

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